Uncovering Infinite Possibilities

eight:32, inc is the parent corporation for various projects by digital nomad couple, Tico & Tina.

Whatever form these projects take, the underlying goal is always more people set free to be fully alive until the whole world is new.


At Tico & Tina’s personal site they share about recognizing and removing anything that’s holding you back, discovering your true identity, and creating a life that’s maximized to make a difference.

Nurturing the Atmosphere of Heaven

Celebrate 365 Co partners with your intention to create an atmosphere of gratitude, joy, and fun in your everyday family life.

Birthing Creative Identity Solutions

Kaleidoscope International works with small businesses and personal brands to develop creative identity solutions, including web and graphic design as well as video and marketing campaigns. Currently only accepting projects on a very limited, case by case, basis.


Guerilla Giving seeks to spread light and love by providing inspiration, tools, and resources that inspire and empower anonymous acts of kindness and aid philanthropy.

One small act can create a ripple effect that changes the world, and that prospect is exhilarating… the greatest adventure there is.